Someday you’ll understand
what I meant when I said that word
What I meant when I rested the palm
of my hand on your chest and said, ‘Fragile’
What I wanted you to feel
when I started to trace your eyebrows
with my fingers and said, ‘I like this’
What I wanted you to believe
when I proceeded to trace the lining
of your eyes and repeated, ‘I like this’
And how I continued with your
nose and your lips, ‘I like this, I like this’
And how I gently passed your neck, ‘I like this’
And how my fingers stopped when they
brushed your left chest again, ‘Fragile’

Someday you’ll understand
what I had in mind when I said that word
What burning desire I had for you to know
that I wouldn’t break your heart
like the others did in your past
That I would never make empty promises
That you could trust me when I say
the words, ‘I love you’
That I would take care of that delicate heart of yours

Someday you’ll understand
how I felt when I said that word
How I was crying inside when I spoke it
How I felt the pain that you were denying
How I was determined to prove you wrong
How I would go through day and night for you

Someday you’ll understand
my intention when I said that word
Why I said it even though I was more
broken than you would ever be
Why I wasn’t willing to let you pay
for his and his mistakes
Why I ignored my own pain
and cried for you instead

Someday you’ll understand
what I wanted when I said that word
What I wanted you to realize
when I touched you there
To realize that I was ready to bleed for you
To bleed from the cuts on my fingers
as I pick up the fragments of your heart
and make it whole again

Someday you’ll understand
why I left my hand there and said, ‘Fragile’
Why I didn’t want you to make love to me
That all I wanted from you
was to let me love you
Even when I secretly wished that
you would fight for me too

Remy Raine, “When I Said Fragile” (via remyraine)



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